5 1/2 years later...

5 1/2 years later...

by Savoera
(Abbotsford, B.C.)

Jobs, jobs, jobs

Jobs, jobs, jobs

I would like to share another update to my story after my last post—a plea I wrote here: Help Me Bring My Husband To Abbotsford!

I haven't been doing much about my website in the past number of years, but I was recently contacted with a question and I noticed this post of mine. I decided to at least write an update.

A lot has happened ever since I wrote this last post. I did manage to find a job in the meantime, just shortly after I wrote it. But right before I finally got a job, I was seriously planning to move back to Saskatoon. We had to move out from our cute condo anyway, so I packed my stuff separately from my daughters' stuff. The plan was to leave them here on their own to continue their studies while I was going to return by myself.

I saw an ad online for a receptionist at a Real Esate company, and I decided to give it one last try... And to my amazement, when I called to follow up after dropping off my resume, I was able to convince the manager to give me an interview! She was actually not planning on continuing with the hiring process, because they were considering to take the company into another direction. She asked me to call back in another week, but I told her that it would be too late then. I guess because I felt like I had nothing to lose, I basically just told her briefly about my situation... over the phone. And she decided to let me come in for an interview! Of course I was nervous when I went in, but I nailed it!

However, within two months after being hired, they still decided to go with that other approach that they had been considering before hiring me, and they let me go—along with another girl who had been working there for over a year. I was devastated! It happened on a Saturday... I was so in shock that I didn't want to talk about it to anyone. I just came home and distracted myself with a movie and inspirational YouTube videos. I didn't tell my daughters about it until late Sunday night, only because they would notice me not going to work on Monday. And I didn't tell my husband until a week after it happened.

I was quite upset that I had to start job hunting again. But I applied halfheartedly at some places, one of which was another Real Estate company. To my surprise, I received a phone call from that Real Estate company just the following day after sending that application (I sent it on Sunday night, a week after having been let go from the previous short-lived job). I was called in for an interview on Tuesday,

and by Wednesday I was working there! Within 1 1/2 weeks of losing the other job! I stayed at this job for a full year, loving my job, loving the atmosphere, feeling blessed and grateful for finally doing a job that I loved.

I was hired there by a female manager, but she quit working there within 5 months of me getting hired, because she couldn't convince the male manager (her senior) to give her a raise. After a year of working there, I also left that job, because my boss wouldn't give me the review I had been asking for. I felt that I deserved a raise, for I was basically running the office more as an admin than as a receptionist after the previous (female) boss quit. But he kept stalling. So with a year of office work experience under my belt I started looking for another job—again.

Then, the female boss who had quit contacted me to let me know that the company she was working with now was opening a branch in Abbotsford and she wondered if I was interested in joining her. I was thrilled, because I had enjoyed working with her previously. But I wanted to know what the pay would be, because I was only going to quit if I would get something with better pay. I still loved my job and didn't really want to quit, and if the boss would have just given me a raise, I would have stayed.

I went to talk to the manager and she agreed to give me a significantly higher pay rate than what I was making at my then job, because she knew how dedicated I was. So I took the job offer. And now, after 6 months there, I still love my job!

As for my husband, though... no improvement on that front. He's still in Saskatoon, although there have been some opportunities. But they were either not paying enough, or he didn't want to risk quitting his job in Saskatoon to come work as a contractor, for fear that it won't be a steady income. In the meantime it's been more than 5 years that we've been living apart, seeing each other only about 2-3 times a year. Ever since I started working full time, we don't go to Saskatoon for the long summers to visit him anymore. Last time I was in Saskatoon was just before I started the new job. He is the one who visits us mostly, but he stays only for about a week. Although he did stay for 2 weeks this past Christmas holidays (2016-2017).

Well, in the meantime life goes on, and I have basically just let go of my wish to see him move here. I decided to just wait and see where life will take us. Que sera sera...

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