Canada’s Top Shopping Hotspots

Yorkville, Toronto

Yorkville, Toronto

A day of shopping should be more than tracking down the odd good store; it should be an all-round great experience. From one of the biggest malls in the world to eclectic boutiques, Canada boasts some of the best districts for shopaholics. Whether you are a local looking for new shopping pastures or a new visitor to Canada’s beautiful cities and towns, this vibrant nation has spending outlets to suit everyone. Here are some great hotspots to note down for a later date.

Yorkville, Toronto:

Yorkville’s shopping areas are sometimes compared to New York’s Fifth Avenue or Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive. This high-market shopping district filled with boutiques and beauty salons is quietly nestled into the bustling city of Toronto. Shops which line the pristine area include Prada, Gucci, Armani Hair and Cosmetics and Harry Rosen. There are also less extravagant stores dotted around for more sensible spenders including Banana Republic and American Apparel.

West Edmonton Mall:

This vast mall in Alberta is more than just a shopping centre; it is a top quality entertainment complex, complete with restaurants, an ice-rink, a water park and an IMAX cinema. There is also a range of bars across the 5.3 million square foot complex for a day out which last from the morning till night. As an additional extra, the West Edmonton Mall is also accredited as a zoo!


Perched on the edge of the Knox Mountain Park is the scenic town of Kelowna. A perfect place for an idyllic weekend getaway, many Kelowna hotels are rustic and beautiful to reflect the stunning natural landscapes. After trekking over rugged terrain and meandering along waterways, indulge in the areas malls and boutiques including the Orchard Park Shopping Centre and Towne Centre Mall. Many boutiques in Downtown Kelowna are filled with decorative pieces from local artists and its Cultural District has developed into a colourful hive of retail outlets, restaurants and galleries.

ByWard Market, Ottawa:

If you yearn for the sights and smells of a traditional market, the ByWard Market beside the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa is one of the oldest farmers markets in Canada. Anything and everything can be bought from its lines of stalls including food, jewellery, household goods and decorative pieces. The market can attract up to 50,000 enthusiastic shoppers on a warm summers day so it is recommended that you get there early!

Yaletown, Vancouver:

This town in western Canada has been transformed over the past few decades from a network of warehouses and train yards to one of the most fashionable areas in Vancouver. Yaletown is a hotspot for designer boutiques and galleries. Expect to see high-flyers and yuppies in this downtown area of Vancouver as you stroll through stores selling local and international brands.

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