I do not like living in Canada

I do not like living in Canada

by Anonymous

I was born in Canada and remember nothing but suffering. I left Canada for 12 years and have now recently returned to a living nightmare. I arrived in Ottawa in -30 degree weather and had to take the bus system 2.5 hours each way to my new job at a Pre-school. I worked here for one week as the details arranged at the interview had slipped the employers mind i.e. a contract, 40 hours per week, and a wage of $19.00 per hour. I complained to the HRDC and my complaint disappeared into the abyss. I was earning $10.00 per hour in Canada almost 20 years ago and was at least able to have an apartment to myself...a basic human right. Now the wages for the jobs are still only $10.00-$12.00 per hour, however that same apartment is renting for $1000.00 PER month. Food is so expensive that it is a luxury. I want to so desperately have a stable life, live in my own home, and be able to buy my own food, instead of living on food-bank food.

Did I ask to be born into this type of life? Why do I not have a good paying job when I was always consistently the best student in class? A country where people can have the freedom to live as they choose, based on the merit of their hard work? In a training class I am currently in I received the top marks in the class exam, yet I was not chosen for the better jobs, but my neighbor who only received 80% was... a fair and democratic country? My eyes are full with unshed tears and I live each day in Canada without any happiness, hope, or future possibilities. I wished that I had never been born here.

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Nov 09, 2016
SSDI is NOT being cut by ANY amount.
by: Anonymous

I don't know what fool told you that SSDI was being cut by 19% or by ANY percent, but that is completely untrue. Some fools will believe anything.

May 13, 2015
I live in America
by: Anonymous

Housing is a basic human right... We have a ton of homeless people in America getting no help, in some areas even getting arrested for it, and in some cities it is also illegal to feed the homeless.

Jobs (people making even way less than you) and housing per rent are about what yours are, so they are not able to do anything, much less to eat. So they are on welfare, and welfare benefits are being cut for everyone.

A lot of people here travel by car, just as you do. We may not have as cold weather as you, but we still have below 0.

We have "Obamacare," yet we still pay an insurance premium; if not on subsidies, then they pay a % of the costs of visits, etc. A lot of red states declined medicaid expansion, so the poor cannot yet get medical help, and health care is now mandated here. It is tax payer run, and the Republicans want to repeal it, so the millions who are now covered will not be again.

Hate crimes and hateful words are now rampant. If you're a minority or non-Christian or a Christian with radical views, you are fair game. Big businesses are buying the elections, getting huge tax breaks, and some paying 0% taxes, but now get more breaks, as well as our rich; the rest got a tax hike and more cuts to welfare, education, vets, seniors, and now medicare and SSDI are being cut 19% next year, which includes disabled vets. Talk about a democracy!

You got it easy compared to some here. And yes, people get lost in the abyss here by all agencies a lot.

I am proud to be American, in spite of our problems. I admire Canada. And if you find it hard there, try UK or any EU country. Every country has problems.

May 26, 2014
Home Sickness
by: Anonymous

It could be that Canada is too big ...too everything except kindness to its native peoples and social programs for the poor.
I live in a lovely part of Canada in a big house by the sea; but if it were a castle with six swans a'swimming it could not ever be my home. I'd rather be a gypsy at home in the lovely British Isles.

Apr 14, 2012
Oh Canada
by: Anonymous

Good Grief!!!! Would you like some "cheese" with that Whine? If you want to know the real reason for all of your problems in Canada, take a look in the mirror.

Mar 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I think that it's unfortunate you feel that way. Canada really is a great place to live. Perhaps if you moved away from the eastern part and try in the west? Ontario is very populated and expensive, as well as more influenced by the US (not saying it's America's fault).

And as well, I agree with the other comment. If Canada's not the country for you, I'm sure any other countries that you like can provide you with a happier life. Try changing your perspective! It also helps. :)


Mar 16, 2012
by: Savoera

Dear Anonymous,

I'm so sorry to hear that you dislike living in Canada. However, I'm wondering if you liked it better in the other country you lived in before returning to Canada? Is there a specific country you would much rather live in? I'm just saying that, if you hate it so much here, then as a Canadian citizen, don't you have a better chance to move to that country?

Another thing I would like to suggest, if you don't mind me giving you advice, is that you could try to change your perspective on life, try to see the positive side of this country. Maybe, once you change your perspective, you'll start seeing better opportunities coming your way, and you might actually start liking this country.

I wish you the best of luck! ☺

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