Mission Statement & Linking Requests

The following mission statement is to give you a clear picture of what this website is about:

SwanParadise.com portrays Canada's spirit and beauty. It strives to provide visitors with a basic knowledge of Canada , while describing its natural beauty and wildlife, as well as its background and lifestyle.

There are plenty of websites available on the subject of Canada, but SwanParadise.com is slightly different in its presentation; it doesn't only focus on one aspect of Canada. While it started out describing Canada's natural beauty, it gradually expanded to other aspects as well, in order to truly give the big picture of why it is the best place to live. 

Each subject is touched and expanded upon to some extend, but if you seek a deeper knowledge of a certain subject, SwanParadise.com has provided links to quality websites that go deeper into those subjects.

A subtle goal of this website is to be an encouragement to others to follow their heart's desire, as it tracks the development of my dream to settle in British Columbia. The aim is to make this dream come true by Summer 2011.  

Linking Requests

If you have a quality website that would compliment any part of my website, and would like to exchange links, please contact me.

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Thank you.


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