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Oh Canada! ☺

Is Canada truly the best place to live in the world? Well, ask me, and the answer is a resounding: “Yes!” And to support my point, I'd like to point out that it has consistently been rated in the top 10 best countries to live for the past two decades (since 1990) by the United Nations. I'd say, right on! I love living in Canada... it's a scenic paradise! As they say, home is where the heart is, and my home and heart are both definitely right here!

"It's going to be a great country when they finish unpacking it."
-Andrew H. Malcom

Bear family crossing roadAside from being a rich, first world country with an abundance of natural resources, Canada's vast kingdom of natural wonder is a nature lover’s paradise. I may not be an avid camper, but I certainly appreciate beautiful nature scenery and I love spotting wildlife on our many road trips.

Canada is home to lots of spectacular wildlife, amongst which are the famous Canada geese, but also the majestic swans of North America. I have always been fascinated by these beautiful, giant water fowl, and to find out that there are three different types of swans living in this beautiful country, just adds to my excitement. It's a breathtaking view to watch Canada geese, swans and other migratory birds on their migration route... It turns the skies into a beautiful spectacle!

Canada firmly rates in the "top 10 best places to live" by the United Nations since 1990!

My Journey to Canada

You might think it's not fair to say that this country is "the Best Place to Live", since I haven’t seen all the countries in the world. However, one is entitled to one's opinion, and I promise, mine is based on the fact that I have lived in two other countries, before settling here in 2006. I have lived with my family in the United States of America for 15 years and my husband and I hail from Suriname, where we were born and raised. 

Canada USA mapWhile growing up in warm, tropical Suriname, I always knew that a day would come when I would set out in search of the best place to live for myself. Back then I didn't know much about Canada, but I always felt attracted to North America; its 4 seasons, snow-capped mountains, and scenic landscapes with lots of exciting wildlife was hugely attractive to me. However, since we all get flooded by American TV programs and movies I was mostly attracted to the US...  I wasn't familiar with Canada yet. 

After getting married, my husband and I moved to the United States, with high hopes that this would be the best place to live for us. We were fairly happy living there with just a work permit. Then we ran into trouble when our green card application was denied. And that’s when we turned our attention for the first time to Canada… While living in the USA, we were too blinded by our desire to become American citizens to even bother to learn anything about this gentle giant of a neighbouring country.


Be sure to follow the progress of my B.C. dreams on my vision board pages! Subscribe to my RSS feed for updates.

However, once we discovered Canada's marvellous beauty, including its pristine nature scenery and its friendly people, we felt an instant connection. From the moment we filed our papers to come to Canada to the moment we arrived here, we grew fonder and fonder of this country. Once we finally reached our destination, we knew we had found our best place to live in the world. But, I still have a ways to go to reach my true paradise... Beautiful British Columbia...!  

*Update, 26 September, 2011:
My dream has come true! I'm in Abbotsford, BC!! :)
See my vision board for more upcoming updates.

Beautiful British Columbia

swan migrationAlthough we've settled in the prairies, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, my ultimate goal is to move further west to British Columbia, a beautiful scenic paradise! I know I will reach my goal eventually, as British Columbia, with its dreamlike settings, is truly the best place to live for me. Aside from the beautiful mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it’s also sprinkled with breeding grounds for the Trumpeter swans! As they fly over the majestic mountains, soaring over the sparkling waters of the rivers, lakes and the Pacific Ocean, and as they bathe in its pristine waters, it seems that they too agree: British Columbia is indeed Swan Paradise... a breathtakingly beautiful mixture of picture-perfect landscapes and majestic birds!

Explore My Web Site

Canada flag ehThrough this Web site it’s my attempt to describe Canada’s spirit and beauty and why it deserves its reputation of being one of the best places to live, if not the best place to live!

Go on, browse through the developing pages of this Web site and see why I fell in love with Canada... eh! :)

Some of my favourite pages:

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Get to know Canada through these facts about Canada, including myths about Canada and Canadian jokes.
History of Canada; Canada's Past
A brief history of Canada is given here, highlighting the important dates and events of this country, adding to your knowledge about Canada.
Canadian Media: a Window View of Canada
Through Canadian Media one can learn a lot about Canada; how it functions, how it fares politically, economically, socially, etc.
Canadian Holidays; List of Holidays in Canada
Canadian holidays are either national holidays or provincial holidays. Learn about these holidays in Canada as well as about other Canadian celebrations.
Nature Scenery and Canada's Geography
The vast nature scenery of Canada is breathtakingly beautiful, and with a land mass so great with such diverse landscapes, it’s a nature lover’s paradise.
Canadian National Parks and Tourist Attractions
The spectacular Canadian National Parks are located all across Canada and are huge tourist attractions for those who come to admire this country's natural beauty.
Scenery Pictures of Canada
A collection of scenery pictures of Canada from our travels throughout this beautiful country.
Swans: Trumpeter Swan and its Counterparts in North America
Three types of swans live in North America: the Trumpeter, the Tundra, and the Mute swan. Have a closer look at them.
Canadian Animals; Wildlife and Marine Life in Canada
Canadian animals are found in abundance in the Canadian wilderness, and there is a wealth of sealife here as well. Animal lovers can have the time of their life in this part of the world.
My Journey: About Me
About me, my journey and dreams, and what brought me to Canada; how I ended up building a Web site about Canada, the best place to live.
Immigration to Canada from USA; a Personal Canadian Immigration Story
How immigration to Canada from the USA grew from a fleeting thought to a real journey that started with bad luck turning into good luck.
Living in Canada; High Quality of Life
Living in Canada turns out to be quite satisfactory. The quality of life in Canada has consistently been rated as one of the highest in the world.
Abbotsford, British Columbia: the City in the Country
Abbotsford, a wonderful city in the panoramic Fraser Valley in British Columbia, is growing rapidly and is projecting a promising future for its residents.
My Vision Board and the Laws of Attraction
This is my vision board page, where I journal about the steps leading up to my dream of living in British Columbia. Here I test the Laws of Attraction.
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Find all your Canadian souvenirs and memorabilia here.
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