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Latest Update 2021: Husband is here since 2017!

Welcome to BC!

I finally updated my website after leaving it dormant for nearly 7 years! I could have sworn that I had written an update about my husband, Sanjay, finally

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Christmas Stories


Here is your opportunity to share your Christmas stories with the world.

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Canadian History; History of Canada before British Rule

History - voyageurs

Learn about the Canadian history pre-British rule era, when Canada was being explored by other Europeans.

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The Tundra Swan; One of the Cute Arctic Animals

Tundra bills

The Tundra Swan, once called the Whistling Swan, is known for its migration to the Arctic each spring to build their nests.

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The Mute Swan Dilemma

Mute - pair

The Mute Swan, introduced to North America by Europe and Asia, has become a problem today due to its population growing out of proportion.

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Canadian Immigration Journey; Receiving the Permanent Resident Visa

How our Canadian Immigration process developed from searching for information on the Net to receiving our Permanent Resident visa in the mail.

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Feedback for

Read what visitors have to say about

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Canadian Quotes; What People Have to Say about Canada


Beautiful, funny and odd Canadian quotes spoken by famous and anonymous people, that make the Canadian heart swell with pride.

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Canadian National Anthem and Canadian Symbols


The Canadian national anthem along with the maple leaf, a major Canadian symbol, are the pride of Canada, inspiring patriotism in Canadian citizens.

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Mission Statement and Linking Requests

Mission Statement of, stating what it is about and what it has to offer to its visitors. Linking Requests are also covered here.

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My Journey: About Me

Abbotsford Balcony

About me, my journey and dreams, and what brought me to Canada; how I ended up building a Web site about Canada, the best place to live.

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Living in Canada; High Quality of Life

Living in Canada

Living in Canada turns out to be quite satisfactory. The quality of life in Canada has consistently been rated as one of the highest in the world.

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Scenery Pictures of Canada

Scenery - BC

A collection of scenery pictures of Canada from our travels throughout this beautiful country.

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History of Canada; Canada's Past

History - fur traders drawing

A brief history of Canada is given here, highlighting the important dates and events of this country, adding to your knowledge about Canada.

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Western Canada; Western Canadian Provinces

Western Canada offers an amazing panorama of breathtaking landscapes and amazing wildlife. It's a true nature lover's paradise, especially British Columbia!

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