Feedback from Visitors

I've decided to display some awesome feedback I've been getting from my visitors (don't worry, I will guard your privacy by leaving out personal details, only sharing first name and country, and I'll also correct spelling and grammatical errors).

I don't normally toot my own horn, but I just have to share some beautiful emails I've been receiving about my website. It just encourages me to keep going, and I'd like to invite my visitors to continue submitting feedback, even if it's to make suggestions, give constructive criticism, etc.

Please go to this form for submissions, or if you have a story to share about Canada, you can create your own page on my website by submitting your story on this page.

Thanks so much for all the contributions! I really appreciate it. Following are some feedback from various parts of the world!

Jenny from Ireland wrote:
Hello! My name's Jenny, I just thought I would let you know I have really enjoyed your website. It has taught me so much in such a short space of time, and was even entertaining!

I am planning to immigrate to Canada if I am lucky enough after I finish my education in high school; I would love to begin university in Canada and make a life out there. I was on the fence about moving to either USA or Canada but you have made up my mind! Haha, I would love to hear back from you and if you know of the best places in Canada to start life, I'd love to hear!

Well, thank you for the great site and educating me on Canada. I'm so excited now! :)

Prajwol from Nepal wrote:
I liked your site very much. It's very informative and helpful. We are in the process to immigrate to Canada under the point system of the skilled worker category. We are thinking of going to Edmonton, Alberta. Please suggest about the place. Thank you once again for such an insightful website.

Raquel from Spain wrote:
...Where I am staying now, there is an estuary full of beautiful swans...While I was walking there, the two words: swans and paradise, popped up in my mind for the perfect title of a book. Anyway, I came home and typed in Google swan paradise and your web site came first... I am thinking about my future, my life... Anyway I could write a lot, but first I will read more on your web site and about your journey :) What has touched me is what you wrote: "As they say, home is where the heart is, and my home and heart are both definitely right here!" My heart is there in Canada, too, with my boyfriend, some other friends, the beautiful scenery... Thank you for this webpage.
Cheers, Raquel

Monique from Suriname wrote:
Hi Savoera, I really enjoyed reading about your life journey, it's really been quite a journey you guys made and to finally end up in Swan Paradise [BC], wow, really inspiring!

Jimmy from Canada wrote:
I read your fascinating blog about your journey to Canada. I stumbled upon it while randomly searching the web about Canada. I always like to read about Canada when I have free time. I did my internship in Abbotsford, BC, and I have to tell ya, Abbotsford was the BEST place I've ever lived in Canada.

I was renting a "bed and breakfast" place somewhere near Highway 11, and every morning I would stare outside my patio window and marvel at the blueberry farm and the town of Mission across the river (nestled on the lower hills of the mountains). The scenery is also beautiful at night. The great thing about Abbotsford is that it's only 45 mins away from Vancouver. I hope you succeed with your journey to beautiful British Columbia.

PrairiePrincess from this Hubpage wrote:
Dear Savoera,
It is so nice to hear from you! I just came from looking at your site, and it is stunning. When I was writing that hub, I was looking all over for good information explaining the wilderness aspect of Canada, and yours was the best I found, so thank you! I will keep your site bookmarked, too, for possible future articles about Canada.

I love how enthusiastic you are about Canada -- it's really inspiring. I think Canada is amazing, too, and loved writing that hub. I was going to mention to you, too, about the Yukon. There is a place in the Yukon where the swans fly in every year, in huge swarms. It's called Swan Haven.

There you go! Such nice feedback, don't you agree? If you'd like to contribute to my website too, go ahead and either contact me or join in with your story. I welcome all feedback.

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