Canadian Holidays & Celebrations

There are at least 10 Canadian holidays in a year on a national level, but each province and territory also has its own separate public holidays, which makes it feel like there is a long weekend in Canada almost every month! While major Christian holidays are officially observed, other religious holidays are widely accepted as well in Canada. It's normal for students and employees to take days off for religious holidays not observed officially. Below is a list of all the holidays.

National Canadian Holidays & Celebrations

First let me list the celebrations across Canada, which are not national Canadian holidays:

  • Groundhog Day - February 2
  • Valentine's Day - February 14
  • FLag Day - February 15
  • Mardi Gras - February or March *
  • St. Patrick's Day - March 17
  • April Fool's Day - April 1
  • Mother's Day - Second Sunday of May
  • Father's Day - Third sunday of June
  • Grandparents Day - Sunday after Labour Day in September **
  • Halloween - October 31

* Celebrated only in Quebec City, Quebec, but according to one feedback I got, it's known as Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday across other parts of Canada.
** Not so well known yet in Canada.

National Holidays

  • New Year's Day - January 1
  • Palm Sunday - Sunday before Easter Sunday
  • Good Friday - Around March/April
  • Easter Sunday - Around March/April
  • Easter Monday - Around March/April
  • Victoria Day - Monday preceding may 25
  • Canada Day - July 1, but if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the following Monday is observed as the Canada Day holiday
  • Civic Holiday - First Monday of August *
  • Labour Day - First Monday of September
  • Thanksgiving Day - Second Monday of October
  • Remembrance Day - November 11
  • Christmas - December 25
  • Boxing Day - December 26

* Not recognized in all provinces and territories (see below under Provincial & Territorial Holidays for the observation of this holiday).

Canada/USA Holidays & Celebrations

Here is a list of American and Canadian holidays and celebrations both countries share (apart from the holidays celebrated worldwide), either on the same day, on different days or under slightly different names:

  • Groundhog Day - February 2 *
  • Valentine's Day - February 14 *
  • Mardi Gras (in Canada celebrated only in Quebec City) - February or March *
  • St. Patrick's Day - March 17 *
  • April Fool's Day - April 1 *
  • Memorial Day (USA) - Last Monday in May
  • Remembrance Day (Canada) - November 11
  • Veterans Day (USA) - November 11
  • Flag Day (USA) - June 14
  • Flag Day (Canada) - February 15
  • Canada Day - July 1
  • Independence Day (USA) - July 4
  • Labour Day - First Monday in September *
  • Thanksgiving Day (Canada) - Second Monday of October
  • Thanksgiving Day (USA) - Fourth Thursday of November
  • " Big Shopping Day" (USA) - Friday after Thanksgiving in November
  • Boxing Day (Canada's "Big Shopping Day") - Day after Christmas on December 26
  • Halloween - October 31 *

* Shared holidays and celebrations

Canada Day Celebration

Provincial & Territorial Holidays


  • Family Day - 3rd Monday of February
  • Civic Holiday - 1st Monday of August


  • National Day - June 24

Nova Scotia

  • Natal Day - 1st Monday of August, except in Halifax where it varies from year to year, usually in August or July

New Brunswick

  • New Brunswick Day - 1st Monday of August


  • Louis Riel Day - 3rd Monday of February
  • Civic Holiday - 1st Monday of August

British Columbia

  • British Columbia Day - 1st Monday of August

Prince Edward Island

  • Natal Day - by proclamation, usually on first Monday of August


  • Family Day - 3rd Monday of February
  • Civic Holiday - 1st Monday of August


  • Alberta Family Day - 3rd Monday of February
  • Heritage Day - 1st Monday of August

Newfoundland and Labrador    
     Celebrated on nearest Monday:

  • St. Patrick's Day (March 17)
  • St. George's Day (April 23)
  • Discovery Day (June 24)
  • Memorial Day - always on July 1
  • Orangemen's Day (July 12)
  • Regatta Day/Civic Holiday (fixed by municipal council orders)

Northwest Territories

  • National Aboriginal Day - June 21
  • Civic Holiday - 1st Monday of August


  • Discovery Day - 3rd Monday of August


  • Nunavut Day - July 9

Visit the official Canadian Heritage website for a closer look at Canadian Holidays, or go to this article on Public Holidays in Canada on Wikipedia.

Fireworks Canada Day

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