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I'm working hard at bringing you genuine Canadian souvenirs and memorabilia pretty soon, but for now I'll refer you to my Cafepress Store. Browse this store for my own creations of Canadian souvenirs, and if you like anything, place your order. I'm still working on new designs and creations, so keep checking for updates!

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Some of my personal favourite Canadian memorabilia I like to keep in my own collection of souvenirs are of course Canadian flags (in several sizes), T-shirts, the Inukshuk, postcards and picture books of beautiful Canadian scenery, moose, bear and beaver souvenirs, RCMP memorabilia, fridge magnets and pens.

Speaking of RCMP memorabilia, I also bought the whole set of the Due South series from the 90's, which is a Canadian crime drama about this handsome RCMP officer who ends up in Chicago and partners with an American detective to fight crime, and together they end up in some quite hilarious situations. It's one of my favourite series, which I only discovered recently (in 2012). :)

Fraser, Vecchio and DiefenbakerDue South's Fraser, Vecchio and Diefenbaker

In the near future I will be offering Canadian flags, pins, pens, knick-knacks, etc., as I continue setting up my souvenir shop, so do come back and check this page often. As an avid collector of souvenirs myself, I promise to offer exciting Canadian memorabilia! :) In the meantime, please visit this online Canadian souvenirs store to see what they have to offer:

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