Latest Update 2021: Husband is here since 2017!

by Savoera
(Abbotsford, BC, Canada)

Welcome to BC!

Welcome to BC!

I finally updated my website after leaving it dormant for nearly 7 years! I could have sworn that I had written an update about my husband, Sanjay, finally moving to Abbotsford! But to my surprise, as the website was being moved to a new design, I noticed that I never did.

So yes, he finally arrived here in May 2017, a couple of days before his birthday. I had flown to Saskatoon to drive back to Abbotsford with him. We were excited, but he was pretty nervous too, because on the job front it wasn't a very stable job; he would be doing installs for a builder, which one of the realtors at my job had arranged, but no contract was signed. At first Sanjay didn't want to take the risk, but I urged him to take the job and then search for another job while working for that guy. Searching for a job from Saskatoon was proving to be very difficult, and I told him that he may have a way better chance of finding one once he was already here.

Well, the builder guy turned out to be a crook. He didn't pay Sanjay the full amount that he had promised to pay him. Fortunately, an old friend from Saskatchewan who had been living in BC for a while messaged him on Facebook and told him that they were hiring at the HVAC company where he was working. Sanjay went for an interview and he was hired. He started working there in June, so within a month of arriving in Abbotsford he found a stable job! He even earned more money than in Saskatoon!

I have to admit, it was not easy for all of us adjusting to living together again. Living alone in Saskatoon for 6 years had really done a number on Sanjay. He was still very tensed and anxious, which in turn had made us very cautious around him. We started seeing a marriage counselor to help us deal with the tensions between us as we were adjusting to living together again. Our daughters eventually moved out for a short period of time, but they had to move back in with us due to circumstances beyond their control. Luckily, in 2019, we had moved into a bigger rental home from the tiny 2-bedroom apartment the four of us were sharing (which didn't help the situation). Gradually, Sanjay started adjusting to life in British Columbia, and as he became more confident in his new job and new surroundings, he started appreciating the beautiful scenery here and especially the milder winter here as compared to the frigid cold in Saskatchewan.

Unfortunately, Sanjay is so swamped with work here now, that we hardly get a chance to explore BC's beautiful nature scenery. Just before the pandemic hit, we had visited Squamish and stayed at a nice Airbnb cabin for a couple of days. Squamish is beautiful and we had fun! But speaking of the pandemic, I am so glad that he is here with us rather than all alone in Saskatoon.

Our biggest dream now is to buy our own home, but the housing market in BC is nuts! Here I thought that the pandemic would slow it down, but it had the opposite affect on the market for some crazy reason! Well, what goes up must come down, so we're just going to wait till the market calms down. In the meantime we're quite comfortable in our spacious rental home. Whenever the Universe thinks it's time for our biggest dream to come true, it will happen. And I'm positive that that dream will come true soon too! :)

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