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Western Canada: from Mountains to Prairies

Western Canada is a true nature lover's paradise. The vast nature scenery starts with the majestic mountains and the Pacific Ocean in beautiful British Columbia, then flows into the Canadian Rockies on the border with Alberta, and then drifts off to the Prairies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Western Canada Scenery

For wildlife lovers, Western Canada can also satisfy many an adventurer's curiosity, as it's home to Black Bears, Deer, Elk, Bison, Moose, Bald Eagles, Killer Whales, Dolphins, just to mention a few. Marine life naturally is found in the Pacific Ocean that borders British Columbia. One of the most majestic wildlife species found in Western Canada is the Trumpeter Swan. The three populations of Trumpeter Swans found in Canada are divided into the Pacific Coast, the Rocky Mountains and the Interior. For the most part they are seen in northeast British Columbia and in northwest Alberta, but also in the Territories of Yukon in the southeast part, and in the southwest part of Northwest Territories, and of course in the state of Alaska of the US.

British Columbia, Canada's third largest province, covers 9.5 percent of the country's total land area. It is almost four times the size of Great Britain, more than twice the size of Japan, and is larger than any American state, except for Alaska. It's arguably the most beautiful province of Canada. B.C. literally has close to everything nature has to offer: the Pacific Ocean, coastal mountains, glaciers, canyons, islands, many rivers, lakes and waterfalls, lots of forests, including a rainforest, valleys, prairie land, vineyards, and even a dessert. And the number of varying wildlife found here, sets British Columbia apart from the provinces in Western Canada as well as the rest of Canada. There are nearly a thousand parks in British Columbia alone, including Marine Parks, Regional Parks, Provincial Parks, National Parks, Ecological Reserves, and Provincial Recreation areas. Is it any wonder then, that B.C. has been called "Super, Natural British Columbia", "Beautiful British Columbia", and now "The Best Place on Earth"? (Apparently the latter slogan does not sit well with British Columbians; they feel it's a conceited statement... is it humility?)    

If the Prairies are what you're attracted to, come and visit Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in Western Canada. Apart from the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, here you'll find wide open spaces, valleys, forests, rivers, and many, many lakes to satisfy anglers. Saskatchewan alone has over 100,000 lakes! The sunsets are amazing in the wide open skies of these provinces! Even the moon sometimes looks amazingly huge in the sky. And if the circumstances are right, you can view the magic of the Northern Lights in these western provinces. In this picture below, the first two images of the sun and the moon were taken on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, as the sun was going down on one side, while the moon was already up in the sky on the other side. No wonder then, that Saskatchewan's slogan reads "Land of the living skies"! Truly amazing skies and outstretched fields are what the prairies have to offer in charming, unique scenery. 

More on Western Canada on Wikipedia.

Western Canada Skies

Western Canada Tourist Attractions

Most of the main tourist attractions in Western Canada are concentrated around British Columbia and Alberta, however, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have a lot to offer as well. For a closer look at these Western provinces, check out the following links:

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Though entire Canada is exceptionally beautiful, I'm biased toward British Columbia in particular; I think quite a lot of people would agree with me when I say that it is the most beautiful province of Canada! But the other provinces are certainly worth exploring as well. So... enjoy!

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