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Canadian literature is a good source to find out more about Canada. Whether written in English or French, the Canadian perspective is well represented by the authors of Canadian books. Canada's ethnic and cultural diversity are reflected upon by many prominent writers who focus on ethnic life. My personal favourite books are coffee table books with professional photographs that showcase Canada's natural beauty, and I also enjoy calendars with amazing scenery pictures of Canada. For tourists there is a great selection of guide books in the collection of books I put together for your convenience.

Here is my store of Canadian literature. You'll find books about Canada's history, geography, politics, wildlife, kids' books, etc. Go ahead and browse through this selection of books, guides and calendars about this beautiful country. For even more Canadian memorabilia, visit my Canadian Souvenirs page as well as my Scenery Pictures page. I hope you'll find these pages useful and come across some great treasures for your personal library. If you would like to suggest a certain title for this collection, which you think others might be interested in, please don't hesitate to drop me a note

You can either click on this link or on the banner below to take you to the store. If you decide to purchase any of the books or calendars, I would certainly appreciate your business. I will keep adding books of interest to the store every now and then, so do come back to check out the updates. If you would like to praise a certain book, go ahead and write a review about it in the form at the bottom of this page, and it will appear as your contribution to my Canadian literature web page; my visitors and I will certainly appreciate your input. :)

You can place a search of your own for any particular book right here if you already know which book you're looking for, or by which author it's been written, or whichever search term you prefer to use:

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